Our Values

The values we live by at Poppers Dragon Aromas date back to our foundation and have never ceased to guide us. They represent the core of the principles that we put into practice daily, with our customers and with society in general.

These values have been the key to our development and we believe that they will continue to be the basis of our sustainable growth in the coming decades.

Poppers Dragon Aromas values


We anticipate the needs of our customers by implementing new poppers. Innovation is the bridge to the future, it is with this phrase that our creativity is stimulated to create innovative solutions in order for our poppers keep up with market trends.


We value and guarantee a standard of excellence in everything we do, so we listen to the expectations of our customers and put them first. Having our customers satisfied by using our poppers is only achieved with quality.


Always mindful of the European standards, the laws and regulations under way, our behaviour must be guided by ethics and transparency. We base all our actions on informing our customers about the use of poppers in a responsible and safe way.


This is our main focus, what guides us in our daily life and where we drive all our energy because the customer is the origin and the final destination of our business. Your highest satisfaction is our main objective.


We pride ourselves on knowing that we provide our customers with incredible moments of satisfaction with their partners. We take care to elaborate the best popper formulations, carefully choose the best nitrates, with a single aim, to provide the best orgasms to our customers.

dragon aromas best poppers


Our mission is to offer our quality reflected in our poppers. Deliver to the market much more than just quality poppers. Get poppers at the best market price and products with which our customers identify and like to use. Serve all our customers regardless of gender, skin color or social category.


Grow not only in structure, but in quality, always with happy customers. We want to produce poppers that are always of high quality and are a reference not only in the European market, but also in the rest of the world.